College Funding

Seeking Higher Education?

One of the biggest concerns related to new generations of people is the rapidly rising cost of a college education. More young people are seeking a higher education today than any other previous generation.

Rising Costs of Education

Unfortunately, with the rising costs associated with that education, they’re being forced to pay with borrowed money.

College Funding Options

At The Valdez Group, we view it as incredibly critical that our clients, their families, and the future generations of the world are educated on the options available such as Indexed Universal Life policies.

An IUL policy can earn credited interest based upon the performance of an external index. The index performance used to calculate credited interest typically does not include dividends and credited interest could be 0%. Your policy will never be credited a negative interest rate.

Reducing or skipping premium payments will impact the amount of interest paid and may impact how long the policy lasts. Accessing the cash value of a policy will reduce the available cash surrender value and the death benefit. A policy owner does not have the ability to make unlimited payments into the policy. If too much is paid into the policy, it will become a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) and withdrawals and loans will be taxable. Policy guarantees are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuing life insurance company.